Payment gateway for initiating QR-based instant payments

pay@WEB is a Payment Gateway solution/service for banks which enables the fast, safe generation of MNB standard QR codes and instant feedback for customers upon successful money transfer completion.

The pay@WEB service enables online merchants to have a simple way of presenting MNB compatible QR code presentation in their webshops, thus adding instant payment as a viable payment option in the checkout process.


Lightning fast

Optimized to present the QR code as fast as possible

Modern tech-stack

Based on Node.JS and NoSQL

Security above all

Using AES-128 encryption to present transactions, generating new key to each

Fully documented

Operations and development documentation


Optimized to cloud operators infrastructure

On-premise deployment

Supporting sector-standard infrastructure and technologies


Every service is accessible via REST services

Familiar processes

Mimicking card payments' UI processes for a steep learning curve

Instant payment through pay@WEB? What's happening exactly?

The instant payment (AFR) infrastructure makes it possible for payments to be executed between Hungarian accounts within 5 seconds, 0-24, every day of the week.

The pay@WEB infrastructure allows the merchants to get the acknowledgment of the fulfillment of payment - there's no need for additional infrastructure.

The customer sets up the basket in the webshop

Merchant sends the requested amount to the bank and forwards the browser to the received link

pay@WEB presents the QR code

Similarly to the card payments, the account number, merchant and amount is shown

Customer scans and initiates instant payment

Using his/her own bank's mobile bank to scan and start the transaction.

Banks handle the instant payment

Money is transferred from customer's account to the merchant's account immediately

pay@WEB UI notifies the customer

The page is redirected to the merchant's webshop

Merchant uses pay@WEB interface to check status

Ascertaining the fulfillment of the transaction, and continues it's processes

How much does it cost?

The solution is targeted to banks, price is negotiated. Please reach out to us.

We have a nice presentation to give you more details.