This page shows a possible webshop integration. The only purpose is to show pay@WEB's processes. The products here are not real, they are not delivered, the "buyer" is not entitled to use any service. The QR code is real, valid, and incorporates the developer's account number - if you would like to help us with our journey, just transfer the money. We'll thank you and spend it on coffee :-)

  Product Price Pcs. Sum

Coffee for the developers

Wiener melange

360 Ft
360 Ft

Supporting Firebase subscription

Credetra Purse, pay@POS platform and pay@WEB showcase

100 Ft
100 Ft
In progress... Successful payment, thank you! (Don't forget, this is a demo) Thank you for the promise, we started manual processing... You stepped back from the payment screen. Try again! The transfer didn't reach within the alloted timeframe. Try again! Sum:

460 Ft

You reach the pay@WEB payment page by pressing the "Pay with QR" button. pay@WEB runs on a different domain - you can step back by pressing the "cancel" button - or, if you wait 60 seconds, you'll be redirected back here. This page is not connected to any bank so statuses are updated by you - pressing the appropriate button. This is independent of whether you started your transaction or not. In the live environment, the bank has information so the status update and redirection are automatic as soon as the transfer lands on the merchant's account.