Credetra Purse brand


Personal Financial Manager

We've created a web application for you to record and analyse your transactions

Credetra pay@WEB brand


Instant Payment gateway server

API based QR code and transaction presentation for banks

Credetra pay@POS brand


QR code generator for AFR payments

Progressive web application to generate QR codes, even if you are offline

What's this all about?

Credetra is the gathering place we plan to put our best internet banking, payment-related and technology ideas to work, for you to enjoy.


Working for decades in the banking industry left us with lots of our ideas stuck on the shelves. There are products and services we consider important, but our customers have other priorities. Those wouldn't make into live productions - so we implemented these ideas ourselves.

We are eager to have your feedback, so don't hesitate to write us an email:

If you are interested in the background of who we are and what we did, take a look at the "about us" section!

What's new

cloud_upload paypos


Now it handles TransferWise accounts too.

cloud_upload website

UX refinement

Font colors are darker for readability

Font-size matching

pay@WEB description refresh

Checkout basket bugfix - works undard Safari as well

“Safari is the new Internet Explorer”

cloud_upload payweb

QR based payment GW for webshops

QR code generation for in-page presentation

Off-site QR code generation

AES-128 crypto with transaction specific keys

Continous status monitoring

Cloud-native implementation

cloud_upload paypos


Bugfix IBAN account number generation

We are trying to be as transparent as possible, keeping you up-to date with what's happening with us.