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New QR parameters

Amountless QR code support

Raiffeisen bugfix: 5 days (default) or infinite expiry

Upgrade to Angular 13

Smaller size, better offline support

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Version upgrade

Code upgrade to Angular 11

Old (mostly IE) browsers’ support is discontinued

Text corrections

QR code doesn’t contain UTF-8 BOM character

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Now it handles TransferWise accounts too.

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UX refinement

Font colors are darker for readability

Font-size matching

pay@WEB description refresh

Checkout basket bugfix - works undard Safari as well

“Safari is the new Internet Explorer”

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QR based payment GW for webshops

QR code generation for in-page presentation

Off-site QR code generation

AES-128 crypto with transaction specific keys

Continous status monitoring

Cloud-native implementation

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Bugfix IBAN account number generation

cloud_upload purse

Excel import

GDPR update

Help page updates

Transaction import from your bank’s Excel file

Multi-transaction categorization

cloud_upload website


Complete website remodeling

Using Creative Tim’s template

Static site generation with Hexo

Purse moved to its own domain

Moved to Firebase hosting

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Compatibility matching

SWIFT code padding to 11 characters for Raiffeisen compatibility

Fully anonymous data collection (IP masking, no-store, no-cookie approach)

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AFR QR standard

BIC / SWIFT code handling

First standard compliant QR code generator in Hungary

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Beta release

Initial release

Pre-final, AFR standard QR code generation

Progressive web app

Responsive Material design

Angular + TypeScript

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Performance enhancements

You can add GPS info to your transactions

Speed enhancements on database level

Minor bugfixes on transaction recording

Export-import feature

cloud_upload purse

Drilldown and income categories

Drilldown for transaction categories

Income transactions

More detailed help page

Unified code-formatting

Started to work with Bitbucket Pipelines

cloud_upload purse

UX enhancements

Infinite scrolling

Doughnut summary center-alignment

Search in category names

Updated release-management process

Separate changelog page

cloud_upload purse

Bugfixes and help

Bugfixes for calculations

Help page

Database clear-up

Transaction cloning

Extended currency list

cloud_upload purse

Go-live on AWS

Introducing Purse web application

Site is now HTTPS only

Tweaks in AWS - CloudFront

Logging events with Google Analytics

cloud_upload website


Multilanguage support (en/hu)

CSS refinement

Moved project to BitBucket

cloud_upload website

Design and automatization

Firing up Bower

CSS with Bootstrap, initial layout

Some CSS ideas from Bootplus

Images from iStockPhotos

Setup email for contact

Legal pages

cloud_upload website


Domain names registered at DotRoll

Website setup on AWS

Logo created by Biz-logo

Initial HTML coding

CSS3 animation for logo