This is the service that most of the banks forgot to implement

Credetra Purse is a PFM (Personal Financial Management) application.

You can record your income and expenditures. You can categorize your transactions and check how your expenditure change with time.

Because it's fast, you can search through all your transactions in a blink of an eye.


Expenditure / income charts

Animated, category-based charting. Monthly and yearly overview.

Fast search

Instantaneous search through all your transactions.

Infinite scrolling

Forget pages! Just scroll down until your transactions last!

Favourite search terms

You can draw charts from your searches and pin them onto your dashboard


Search for a terms and categorize the results with one move!

Excel import

Your transaction history export from your bank is recognised, and imported into the app.


You can even add geo-coordinates to your transactions


Your data can be exported and imported. If you ever wanted to make a backup.


You can click a category on the chart and view the sub-category distribution.

Transaction cloning

If you spend frequently at one place, you can clone a transaction from the history.

Currency settings

You can set any currency as a default one.

Local storage

The data is stored in your browser's database. We don't see your transactions.

How much does it cost?

You don't pay anything for us - the partner and the category can be sent to us to help our AI learn, but it's opt out.

Your mobile / browser's data comsumption must be paid for your internet provider.