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New QR parameters

Amountless QR code support

Raiffeisen bugfix: 5 days (default) or infinite expiry

Upgrade to Angular 13

Smaller size, better offline support

cloud_upload paypos

Version upgrade

Code upgrade to Angular 11

Old (mostly IE) browsers’ support is discontinued

Text corrections

QR code doesn’t contain UTF-8 BOM character

cloud_upload paypos


Now it handles TransferWise accounts too.

cloud_upload paypos


Bugfix IBAN account number generation

cloud_upload paypos

Compatibility matching

SWIFT code padding to 11 characters for Raiffeisen compatibility

Fully anonymous data collection (IP masking, no-store, no-cookie approach)

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AFR QR standard

BIC / SWIFT code handling

First standard compliant QR code generator in Hungary

cloud_upload paypos

Beta release

Initial release

Pre-final, AFR standard QR code generation

Progressive web app

Responsive Material design

Angular + TypeScript