What is this application?

pay@POS is a mobile-first application that generates Central Bank standard QR codes for Hungarian instant payments.

It's like a POS terminal, but instead of accepting card payments, you are presenting codes for your customer to start an instant payment on their mobile application.

The money get to your account immediately. The bank-sector guarantees the delivery.


Quick onboarding

You only have to enter your name, and your account number. There's no registration process involved.

POS terminal feeling

You only need to type in the amount, and the QR code is ready. You can show it to your customer without delay.

Fast generation

We1ve optimized it to be as quick as possible, even on older phones.

Works offline

You don't need to be online with this progressive web app to generate the code.


Optionally, you can present the geolocation as well - you need to enable the GPS access.

Message to customers

Customizable general message, that shows in the account history. Example: Thanks for shopping!

Unique identifier

If you want an id on your account statement - delivery depends on the banks involved.

Responsive design

Mobile-first design approach, works with portrait and landscape mode as well.

Instant payment? What's the process?

The Instant Payment (IP or AFR) infrastructure allows that money transfer transactions between Hungarian banks are fulfilled in 5 seconds, 24x7. Even during holidays.

The merchant generates the QR code

Use the pay@POS application - you present the amount, the code is ready!

The customer scans and initiates the transfer

The customer uses his or hers banks' mobile bank to scan the QR, then starts the transaction by signing it. The QR contains the merchant's name, account number and the amount as well.

Banks execute the money transfer

Money travels from the customer's bank account to the merchant's bank account. The amount is accessible on the merchant's account without delay.

The merchant's bank notifies the merchant

If you set up SMS or other kind of notification on the incoming payments, you will be notified by your bank. If not, you can double-check your account statement in your e-bank.

The 7x24 infrastructure makes it possible that along with cash and card payments, money transfer can be used to pay for goods and services at the point of sale.

Try it between your own and your friends' account with a small amount!

This involves the customers' mobile bank. Which bank supports the QR standard?

Banks are developing currently their solutions. New applications are released monthly, increasing the number of customers who will be able to pay with QR.

Bank MNB QR scan Amountless QR Infinite expiry Downloads

Raiffeisen Bank


check_circle cancel cancel 100.000+



check_circle help

not tested

check_circle 10.000+

Erste Bank


check_circle check_circle check_circle 400.000+


Takarék Mobilapp

check_circle help

not tested


not tested


Download numbers are based on Google Play information and publicly available press releases - 2022.02.27

How much does it cost?

You don't pay anythig to us - the "description" field contains information that the transaction was started from a QR code generated by pay@POS.

If you are so kind to support our work, you can do it with the pay@WEB demo. Just set any amount, the QR will show. We appreciate it, from the bottom of our hearts.

Support us!

Your mobile's / browser's data is charged by your internet provider, the notification services' price is paid to your bank - if you are using their services.