cloud_upload website

UX refinement

Font colors are darker for readability

Font-size matching

pay@WEB description refresh

Checkout basket bugfix - works undard Safari as well

“Safari is the new Internet Explorer”

cloud_upload website


Complete website remodeling

Using Creative Tim’s template

Static site generation with Hexo

Purse moved to its own domain

Moved to Firebase hosting

cloud_upload website


Multilanguage support (en/hu)

CSS refinement

Moved project to BitBucket

cloud_upload website

Design and automatization

Firing up Bower

CSS with Bootstrap, initial layout

Some CSS ideas from Bootplus

Images from iStockPhotos

Setup email for contact

Legal pages

cloud_upload website


Domain names registered at DotRoll

Website setup on AWS

Logo created by Biz-logo

Initial HTML coding

CSS3 animation for logo